Friday, April 20, 2007

wow...a month later

Man....I can't believe it has been a month since I posted. Sorry but I have been busy. I guess that is no excuse since the whole point of this blog was for me to use it as a way to vent and organize my life to make it LESS busy. Oh well, tonight I actually have some free time so let's go.

First off, I am a world traveler now. Yep, Kelly and I went to London and had the best time. We visited our friends Nancy and Anne but made friends with their entire program. Most of the people we saw in London were Madisonites...well atleast Wisconsinites. Our 12-person hostel room had 3 girls Kelly went to high-school with staying there. I can not believe it...we travel across an ocean and we still are surrounded by people we know. (well that weren't expected.) I do love England's peanut butter and rice cakes...way better then the united states. But their pub food....GROSS. I got sick both times I attemtped the food and then when I did get creative and order something I have never heard of for a third time I HATED it and wasted 9 pounds (which is 18 usa dollars) on a meal. From then on I stuck to turkey sandwhiches and carrots---they have never done me wrong and never will.

So this trip across the pond I felt would be going to another continent. Well I was a little surprised to find out the night we left that we were kinda getting cheated because England is an island. It isn't even connected to Europe. Kelly's family got a kick out of this and her mom actually got a huge atlas map and showed me my geographic ignorance. Even though this traveling will have an asterck next to it it was still the BEST TRIP EVER.

Again, I have been going home and having great times. I am so glad I am finally get along with my parents again after about a year of constant fighting. I am even giving my dad's girlfriend a chance. It's too much effort to fight so why not get along? She makes really good puppy chow so it's not all bad. She just decorates her house weird.

There has been lots of work and school work as well. The second round of midterms passed along with most of my semester papers. I actually stayed up until after midnight last night finishing a paper while the girls went out. I didn't mind since it got me out of drinking for a night but I did miss socializing with everyone while I was at home alone.

Yesterday was also the last day of spring football practices I have to work. I love watching the players and seeing the background of the game but 5:30am practices really sucked. Also, they were every tuesday so when I went to class after for the last month I was wearing the same outfit. Those people in my classes that day must think I only have ONE outfit...which bothers me. Now, finally with the weather turning around nicely, I will finally be able to take advantage of my new cute spring clothes for class. I can't wait to wear my anchor shorts...nautical stuff is very in right now.

I am waiting to hear back from my Los Internship application. I really, really, really want it. Not just to meet Magic Johnson, but because it sounds so exciting. Plus, I think getting away for a summer from everything, a new location I have never been to, will do me wonders. I often feel like an outsider or isolated in Madison and Green Bay and this trip I feel (if I get the position) will truley force me to decide who I am as a person and hopefully help me when I go back to Wisconsin to finish up school. I just can't believe I am going to be a college senior next year....where did the time go? Soon I have to actually be an adult and get a real Does that mean I have to pay for my insurance then? How much does that stuff cost? Well...I still have a year to get the info down.

My friends are coming over tonight and we are going to chill and drink in the apartment instead of going to a bar again. I am excited because we can hang with others besides people able to get into bars which is rare nowadays. I don't think I am going to drink but it will fun being with everyone. We plan to draw geckos and use headbands to create crowns like the kind lemur in the movie 'Madagascar' (who is also borat) I have to go get ready for tonight so I am going to peace out. Glad to be back in action posting. If you all get bored I have London pictures on my facebook profile (just click on the link to the right)

Later dudes,

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