Friday, March 16, 2007

busy busy busy's been a while. sorry I was in two major hell weeks. I have had 4 exams and 4 papers due in the last two weeks and I went home on the weekends. It was great to be home. I really had fun, ate alot of puppy chow, and got new clothes for spring...and today it's snowing.

Only 16 days more until London. I can't wait. Kelly and I went out last night to celebrate our busy weeks being over and we had a great time. The bars sucked since everyone was home watching basketball but the two of us chatted, went home and played drinking games with the movie 'Old School' until two friends stopped by. One is named Brendo and I have had an on-off crush on him for a few months. Since August really...but he goes to a different school...and so different then my usual type....but there is something about him. And last night I saw him for the first time in months...drunk in sweats and a t-shirt while pigging out on cheeze-its. What an impression I must have made.

Today my dad turns 55! I called him at midnight, we always do that. He doesn't deal with his age gracefully. He would love to be 16 forever and playing basketball, staying up late, and collecting baseball cards. I keep reminding him now he can get a discount on his breakfast and use the senior-citizen parking spaces. He just ignores me. He is going to Mexico with his girlfriend tomorrow. I complained that I don't ever get taken anywhere but Flordia and he referenced London....that quickly shut me up. Can't wait for spring break...can't wait. Me, Kelly, Nancy, and Anne....having the best time ever!

I am also looking forward to the basketball this weekend. You know spring has come when the NCAA tourneys are happening. Everyone is shocked Duke lost, I'm not. They didn't play well this year. At all.

And not only is tomorrow St. Patty's Day but my friend band, We the Living, are releasing their new album. Everyone should pick in up online or at record stores. if you want to check them out. I have been friends with them since forever, they are the best guys ever, and just makes me so proud to see them succeed.

Adios for now, have to catch up on some reading before I watch the badgers kick some butt on Texas A& post won't take so long...I hope...

Later dudes,

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