Sunday, February 25, 2007

a sunday morning

Wow...the snow. We have had so much snow the past two days....blizzard warnings and all. Last night the weather channel was saying that if we went outside we would be risking our lives. Still I saw many Madison kids getting out for a fun saturday night of drinking and partying. Alot of us grew up in Wisconsin...this whole snow thing is nothing new. Me and some friends actually had a snowball fight for a while...I got hit alot and tackled three times. Not fair. I don't do well with cold very long so I went in early but the others stayed. Those crazy kids. And talk about was also thundering and lightning out. That was somthing I am not used to---snow falling, wind blowing, and a thunderstorm.

The weather has brought some good news though. Last night and this afternoon my work was canceled so I have gotten quality time to do the homework I desperately needed. Friday I worked 10.5 hours so atleast my next paycheck won't be zero. I have a presentation tomorrow and a exam on tuesday so I am kind of stressing---tomorrow will be worse. One class of mine is canceled all week though so that is a happy thought.

I am going home on thursday instead of to the waterpark condo my family rented. After last weekend I just want the comfort of home...but who knows if that will come. I am going to be staying at my dad's house for the first time since he moved in with his girlfriend. I was adament that I wouldn't stay there ever earlier in the year...but I am going to give it a chance. I need to go home and just get away. I am going to replace a thursday night of vodka and partying with a thursday night of chinese buffet and retail therepy that my dad always provides. Our local mall has gotten a bunch of new stores and I can't wait to start adding to my spring break wardrobe. My mom won't be home to hang out with since she is in Florida with her boyfriend...but me and my dad are always good and doing some damage to our bank accounts when new season of clothing is being released.

The badgers play ohio state today and they better win. Our team is doing so good that they deserve this win. It determines alot of seeding and big ten tournament issues and a win will definatly be to the badgers advantage. I am going to brave the elements and head to a friends to watch the game---dangerous I know but much better then watching alone.

Got to head roommate has something wrong with her eye and needs my help. I love feeling needed. Back to reality.
Later Dudes,

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