Friday, February 2, 2007

a friday afternoon...

its late friday afternoon and I should be enjoying F.A.C. (friday after class) but right now I can't drink...and I don't have classes on friday so celebrating would just be lying. Another thing that would be lying I realized after letting my roommate read my last post was if I claimed to be a professional speller. There were about a billion words spelled miscorrectly. Maybe that is why I got a 19 on the writing part of the ACT...or maybe I just suck at writing---you tell me your the one reading my writing.

So tonight is Erin's last night and we are having frozen drinks. Again I can't drink so I will be nursing a wonderful diet coke all night...but I love diet coke. And anyway the high for tonight is -25 degrees so a frozen night just sounds brilliant. Still, these drinks will remind/get us excited for Chile so we're taking one for the team for Erin.

I worked from 10-3:15 today. Not bad, really just watched alot of baketball, chatted alot of basketball, and then read some homework. It is hard to do homework on fridays...very hard. Motivation is not my main quality this semester. I used to be such a busy bee and ahead of the game with schoolwork and work...then came gulbladder surgery and a form of exhaugtion that I am not used to. I feel like such a whimp and feel others think I am one too...i just get tired so easily. But each day a little more strength comes...and if not there is always my precious diet coke to give me that extra boost. Diet soda = lifeline (well add kelly, nancy, erin, and kevin in there as well)

So here is the status for the weekend. Reading: 289 pages to go....Personal Statement: 147 words to go....Work: 8 hours to go....not too shabby. The cold weather will keep me insulated atleast. One good thing: 2 classes assigned me homework of watching the SuperBowl...way cool.

Going to go make a boca burger and talk to my friend studying in Egypt right now so this is an official 'Peace Out' for the night. One last thing: can you blieve he is studying in Egypt? Usually it's australia, europe, or spain...but Egypt...that's a grabber....

later all...and if I don't freeze to death from frozen drinks in the frozen will hear from me soon...

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