Wednesday, February 14, 2007

a wednesday night

Hey there....happy valentine's day.
Yes, it has been better then last year...I know everyone was wondering. I had a really cute outfit today and gave away candy and valentine's to my friends. It's funny though because I bought a box of 32 superman valentine's from wal-mart and expected that I would give them all away because I always did in grade school. Writing them up last night I still have about half left...and that is counting sending my dad, sister, and mom ones in the mail. I guess college just brings less friends...but better ones?

I am still getting over my loss of a psuedo-family member. I am doing better today then yesterday...and each day will get better. I am thinking about him and the dinner table less then before. In any other context that sentence would be really weird but for right now I know what I am saying.

Today I actually got my homework done early, worked, and watched the badger basketball game. I am finally feeling caught up with school for the first time this semester and work is going well too. I am learning to prioritize my time well...or maybe because it's so cold out I have no motivation to go anywhere and procrastinate so homework/work indoors is the only options until temps rise above freezing.

I just gave one of my best friends his valentine's day present and he loved it. I feel special because both friends that recieved gifts loved them and my dad, sister, and mom liked what I sent them. Right now things are good.

I am going to let you go since well...I want to go do something fun. I guess motivation hasn't escaped me even if it is negative degrees.
Peace Out, Lex

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