Thursday, February 1, 2007

a thursday night...

So...hello. This is going to be an expiriment of the thoughts of a college junior over the course of her second semester. I have never kept a I apoligize ahead of time. I am taking eighteen credits and working four jobs as well this again I apoligize ahead of time for the post quality. I guess this is going to be a place to get into the mind of a stressed college student.

Tonight we went to dinner--the great dane pub. Pretty good review from me. Fast service, overly nice waitress, big comfy booth seating. We were having a 'good-bye' dinner because my roommate/best friend is going to Chile to Study Abroad. Goona Miss her dearly...seriously...miss her already. We laugh and have good chats...we have been friends since the first night freshman year. Wow...that seems so long ago. That was when we traveled to parties in large groups and ponchos were fashionable. I never owned one, but my roommate that is leaving was wearing one when I met her...that is what made me think of it.

Now I just have to write a personal statement for a internship, read 300 pages for next week, and somehow fit in about 18 hours of work this weekend. When did we become so old...and I still am considered to be sixteen if you saw me. I should get reading...but this is homework as well.

I have to go though because the O.C. is on. Not a show I particularry like but it's fun to watch in a group. I get jelous at the clothes these kids have...and am still enticed to watch. I guess in some ways I am still 16.

Adios for now. Let's see if I survive this semester...only May can tell us...

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