Friday, February 9, 2007

a friday night....late

When i say 'late' in that title I really mean 10:39pm which for me today is late. I didn't mean to but I got bored before and pigged out on crackers and peanut butter and now with all the excess carbs I am getting sleepy. It will soon be the end to a busy and weird day.

No class's friday--do you honestly think that i would plan a class of friday if I didn't have to? Well, if you discount last year, then no...i wouldn't. But I did have to work at 9am-11am writing movie labels on tapes. Oh the life of working for the football team. My boss chose me to do it because i have pretty handwriting. I guess that made me feel special...and hey, it was early.

Then I came home and had that I had packed thinking I would have to work later. It was good but kind of weird eating a bagged lunch at your own house. Try it sometime and get back to me. Whatever you do---don't put your turkey and spinach wrap in the microwave for too long unless you want really rubbery deli turkey.

After, I worked again...this time technical directing the women's hockey game. I messed up alot and also found out I am semi am friends with a bucky mascot. Well the guy who dresses up as bucky. What a revelation since I am deathly afraid of mascots. As in nervous breakdown, crying, and hovering in a corner afraid of mascots. All afternoon and night I have been weirded out that I actually have conversed with someone inside those horrid suits and will soon have to converse with them again. It is probably a very nice person and all I will want to do is run away in fear....

I became an aunt again yesterday. My sister and her boyfriend got thier second puppy. Another boston terrier---but this one has brown stripes---very uncommon. I can't wait to get pictures. These dogs are as close to grandkids that my parents will get because me and my sister both decided early on that we will not be bearing children. Who wants to gain that much weight for no reason? I know it sounds bad but pregnancy just brings unwanted pain and pounds that neither of us want to experience. Also, I am not the most motherly person...I can barely take care of myself. If you call working 30+ hours a week while taking 18 credits and recovering from surgery even 'taking care' of myself.

Tomorrow will bring another start...and hopefully a new begining without peanut butter for a while. It sure is a tasty treat but I feel so guilty after since it's not really great for people. Also, I have to work basketball practice in the morning and men's hockey at night. Guess my afternoon will be free...

The girls are going out tomorrow. I can't wait to be social again but really have no desire to drink. I don't understand this since when you turn 21 you are supposed to get wasted every night...i just keep wanting to stay in and sleep. I guess i am turning 82 instead of 22 in september. Remember its not even 11pm on a friday and I am thinking about bed. Which is now my destination. Peace out for now and sweet dreams all.

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