Tuesday, February 6, 2007

tuesday early evening

well it's tuesday night and i am already beat for the week. I guess having 6 classes yesterday and 4 today means that I have some right to be tired; but hey this is much less classtime then high-school so should I really talk? Maybe it's the cold...-34 degrees is not something that makes anyone feel to active. Welcome to wisconsin!

Tomorrow I have a quiz...my first of the semester. Already I have let three people borrow my notebooks in different classes because they have missed. I just got my notebook back from a kid for the class the quiz is in. My notebook is too cold right now to study from being transported outside to my house. I keep telling myself it is the coldness which is preventing me from studying...really its the laziness.

Yet, laziness is not my strong suit. I like to be busy, like to work, like to always be doing something. This week I have about 38 hours of work to do from thursday-sunday, 300 pages to read, a group papaer to write, and a concert to attend...maybe this is why i don't feel like doing anything tonight since I know the rest of the week is hectic.

I guess I like complaining about this week since I don't want to think about next week...and valentine's day. As much as we know it's a greeting card holiday it still sucks not to have anyone to celebrate it with. I am a total 'holiday' fan and love celebrating anything so it's a real downer to have nothing to do. Hopefully though something will come up this year...something better then laying on your floor by yourself and noticing there is a fork underneath your TV stand because you were so disappointed about your night (my events last year). Pathetic I know...but atleast it doesn't take much for someone to top it this year.

Maybe it was already topped by Brett Favre. He is coming back for one more year. I know it's dumb to be excited but I grew up in green bay...he's a legacy and god there. I like to walk around the apartment and just say 'brett' over and over again. i hope my roommates do as well.

well it's off to work on that quiz....i feel like this time spent talking to you all has given my notebook enough time to warm up. Also while writing this i have created a huge feeling of guilt that i am not studying and it is nagging me so much that i actually have to go do it.

another boring post? maybe...another succession ventig session for me...definately...so see you later on and if you don't have valentine's day plans...well either do i
later dudes,

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